Three Canadians

Gavia from Vancouver

I found Gavia sitting quietly in our shelter, giving her blistered feet a rest for a while. She carried a big pack. She explained that was because she was carrying her violin, which she played every day especially in churches. She was wearing a ‘rain skirt’. A few days previously a couple of American ladies had came by, also wearing rain skirts – the first time I had seen them. They explained that they were more practical than waterproof trousers. Then two more ladies arrived – Jeanette and her friend. They were from Quebec on the other side of Canada

Quatre charmants pèlerins


Quatre charmants pèlerins sont passées aujourd’hui. D’abord, Evelyne et Véronique – deux amies marseillaises, profitent de l’occasion pour s’éloigner pendant quelques jours de la routine et des responsabilités de la vie quotidienne. Elles ont chacune choisi une de nos croix en bois d’olivier à prendre avec. Vient ensuite Agnès qui avait pris plusieurs mois d’absence de son travail de paysagiste pour parcourir tout le Camino du Puy à Santiago. Elle portait une petite croix en céramique qu’elle avait fabriquée elle-même. Enfin, nous avons rencontré John, un ministre méthodiste du Lancashire, bénéficiant également de quelques mois de congé sabbatique de son ministère.


Four delightful pilgrims came by today. First Evelyne and Veronique – two friends from Marseille taking the opportunity to be away for a week or so from the routine and responsibilities of daily life. They each selected one of our olive-wood crosses to take with them. Then came Agnès who had taken several months leave from her work as a landscape gardener to walk the whole Camino from Le Puy to Santiago. She was wearing a little ceramic cross which she had made herself. Finally we met John, a Methodist minister, from Lancashire, also enjoying a few months sabbatical from his ministry.