Bastien and Clothilde

At about 9.00 this morning Bastien from Hamburg came by. He had previously visited us in August 2020, which we had already written about on this blog. He was now walking the Camino (different routes) for the seventh time.

Then along comes Clothilde from Brittany. This is her first Camino so they had a long discussion over several coffees about which was the best way for Clothilde to go. The Camino Frances is very busy. The Camino Norte is more beautiful, but has more hills to climb and is perhaps a bit longer – and it rains more! So here they are:

Clothilde and Bastien

Emile joue sur son setar

Hier il faisait très chaud. Alors Emile a abandonné ses vêtements trop lourds ! Il avait l’intention de marcher jusqu’au Finistère et après de rentrer par un autre chemin. Pendant sa visite il jouait pour nous sur son setar – un instrument de musique Persan.

Yesterday it was very hot. So Emile had abandonned his heavy clothes! He intended to walk as far as Finisterre and then to return by a different chemin. During his vist he played his setar for us – a Persian musical instrument.