Bastien and Clothilde

At about 9.00 this morning Bastien from Hamburg came by. He had previously visited us in August 2020, which we had already written about on this blog. He was now walking the Camino (different routes) for the seventh time.

Then along comes Clothilde from Brittany. This is her first Camino so they had a long discussion over several coffees about which was the best way for Clothilde to go. The Camino Frances is very busy. The Camino Norte is more beautiful, but has more hills to climb and is perhaps a bit longer – and it rains more! So here they are:

Clothilde and Bastien

One thought on “Bastien and Clothilde”

  1. Hey Steven, it is Bastian, thanks for that post. It were just two coffes . I didn’t actually start from Hamburg this time, but from Wuppertal next to Cologne. I am not really from Hamburg, well i was kind of 2020, but both times i visited you now i was homeless, just living on the Camino, whatever that means. Actually i don’t really wonder anymore what to do next, i just try to live in the moment and in the presence of the divine and everything comes out of that stillness. I pray a lot in gratefulness that Jesus just takes my heart and uses me what he needs me for, IF he needs me. Btw i am reading the book you gave me, it is a great read, thank you Steven.

    A friend of mine walking behind sent me a picture from that picture hanging on your wall from 2020, and misteriously there are some white lines appearing in my face which look like scratches, which havent been there some days ago, because i also took a picture and compared them…very strange and i wonder if i pissed someone off so hardly the he or she had to scratch into my face.


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