Véronique from Brittany came by a few days ago in the late afternoon. It was a warm sunny day so she planned to walk for another couple of hours before putting up her tent for the night. In the meantime she got out her recorder (flûte à bec) and played some tunes for us. Normally she plays the clarinet but that is too big to carry on the Camino.

Kim from Saarbrücken

On returning from town this morning in the pouring rain we found Kim huddled into the corner of the shelter, half in her sleeping bag to get warm and wet through. So we brought her into the house, dried off her clothes and boots and gave her a bowl of hot soup.

Her poncho was torn and leaking. So Carol and Kim made a wondeful new one – complete with arms and hood – from plastic rubbish bags. So here she is ready to set off again.


In the meantime we learnt that Kim was a civil engineering student from Saarbrucken in Germany.

Bon Camino, Kim

Dominique from Saxony

Dominique from East Germany was our first pilgrim of 2022. She is an opera singer but is now running a ‘puppet’ theatre in Saxony – as she explained really more of an ‘object’ theatre that uses objects rather than people to tell a story. She told us that East Germans stll feel different to West Germans and perhaps somewhat resentful. Wages are still lower in East Germany.

She had already walked the Camino de Norte and was now doing the Camino Frances – as far as Pamplona on this occasion.

She loved the music of our wind chimes.

Sue and Geoff describe their stay at Emmaüs

‘As always we are enjoying our time here at Emmaus and have loved meeting passing pilgrims. On our first day here we were visited by a couple from Switzerland, Marcel and Melanie. They were on day 78 of walking… They had left their home in Winterthur, about 20 kms north east of Zurich. Carrying in their rucksacks the vestiges of all their material possessions, they were walking all the way to Santiago.. and beyond to Muxia…  who knows where else? 

For each daily stage of their walk they had uploaded onto YouTube a short video of the places they had visited. Their YouTube channel is called meschmasch and we are included in Tag078 – see the link below 

On they day they came to Emmaus, the bakery in Arthez was closed for holidays and they had struggled to get served food or drink in town. We offered to make them a baguette for their lunch and so we sat and chatted whilst they enjoyed their lunch! This explains the caption ‘wenn ich Hunge habe’. A fitting expression perhaps for this place of hospitality on the Way.. 

The next few days were very quiet..  pilgrims were tip tapping along but no one joined us.. but then a bit like the frequency of buses.. we had a flurry of visitors. At one point three separate groups of visitors sat together with Geoff and I in the garden.. it was a beautiful day .. each had their own story to share.. some were walking with friends,  two were sisters, which was lovely..  and reminded me of my sister who if she was still alive would have loved to walk with me along the Way. We also welcomed a gentleman from Quebec who had taken advantage as soon as he could of the lifting of Covid restrictions in Canada to walk the Way..

This morning we welcomed a young french woman taking a couple of months to walk to Santiago..  

So there are plenty of new faces to add to the pilgrims gallery… it’s funny how good news travels fast.. one of the visitors on our busy morning stopped by because her friend who in May this year had been here, and told her about the Emmaus welcome… she was delighted to see her friend’s photograph with volunteer Kathy..

Geoff and I have been surprised at the not insignificant number of pilgrims passing.. we get the feeling that Covid restrictions have grounded so many people for so long that now gradually, they are starting to rediscover the Way..

And so it is for Geoff and I.. we have been blessed by our rediscovery of the joy that comes with the spirit of Emmaus and the Camino.’


And here are Melanie and Marcel at Emmaüs with Sue.

Nine happy pilgrims

On August 21 this group of nine joyful pilgrims relaxed and had their lunch chez nous. They stayed for a couple of hours. Lots of interesting conversation!


Parmi quelques visiteurs ces derniers jours – Roci et Daniel, Nathalie, David, Véronique – je mentionne particulièrement Jérôme qui s’est arrêté au début du matin hier (16 août). Il est prof comme profession, ce-qui est pour lui une vocation. Entre autres choses nous avons parlé des religions différentes. Pour lui les croyances – les quatre ‘accords’ – de l’ancienne civilisation des Toltecs en Mexique sont très attrayantes. Par la suite nous avons récité la prière du matin ensemble.

Among our visitors these last few days – Roci and Daniel, Nathalie, David, Véronique – I mention in particular Jérôme who came by yesterday morning (16 August). He is a teacher by profession, something that is for him a vocation. Among other things we discussed different religions. Four him the beliefs – the four ‘agreements’ – of the ancient Mexican civilisation of the Toltecs are particularly attractive. Afterwards we said morning prayer together.


More recent visitors

A group of six friends together with two companions-for-the-day stopped by four days ago. Unfortunately Eduardo was not in the photo as he was very tired and went to sleep on the floor of our oratory.

Then Magali stopped for a short while two days ago – a fluent German and English speaker. She was missing her three cats at home.


Yesterday Margarite and her parrain (godfather) Olivier enjoyed their lunch in the shelter, out of the hot sun that we had that day.

Olivier and Margarite

While today a group of eleven pilgrims, all friends from Belgium, decided to stop for their lunch. The had heard of our accueil through a mutual acquaintance and in fact as the conversation proceeded we discovered several mutual acquaintanances with Heather – mostly through the Anglican Church in Luxembourg. The three young men in the party decided to press on to Maslaq, the destination for the day, so they are not in this photo.

Eight from Belgium. Heather is the second on the left.

To everyone: ultreaia

Edith, Marc et Manfred

Nous n’avons même pas rencontré Edith, Marc et Manfred qui passaient hier et qui ont écrit cette belle message encourageante:

‘J’allais désespérer de ce village si long à traverser et pas même de quoi se désaltérer et voilà ce magnifique lieu : que Dieu bénisse ceux qui y veillent ! Mille remercies.’

I was going to despair of this village so long to cross and not even enough to quench my thirst and here is this magnificent place: God bless those who watch over it! A thousand thanks.

Some recent visitors

Few pilgrims in recent days, but a few days ago, on July 28, morning prayer was very late. Happily a group of 9 pilgrim friends – a family of six, a married couple and a priest – stopped by to join us for prayer – wondering if the prière du matin notice was a blague. Sadly I did not get all their names or their permission to post their photo here.

Then yesterday, Saturday, three (very) young ladies from Paris and Nantes stopped briefly.

Aujourd’hui, dimanche, une jolie famille – Tanguy, Séverine, Tiphaine, et Miriam – ont pris leur repas chez nous. Ils habitent un village dans l’Auvergne. Nous avons parlé de la catastrophe du Bréxit, de la Christianisme de nos jours et pas mal d’autre choses. Tanguy travail pour le Secours Catholique. Il expliquait comment l’accent de cette organisation est en train de changer de ‘travailler pour’ les personnes en difficulté plutôt vers ‘travailler avec’ ces personnes. Les voici :

Tanguy, Taphaine, Myriam et Séverine

Un peu de temps après Elisabeth est arrivé. Elle travaille comme prof en Tanzanie. Elle explique que, pendant son pèlerinage, elle fait le camping mais ne se sent jamais en danger. 

Pourquoi nous avons toujours plus ce visiteurs les weekends que pendant les semaines ? C’est un mystère.